Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mother's instinct

I think it's pretty crazy that all through the pregnancy with Nick I thought he was a boy, until the end, when I thought he was a girl. With Kara, I thought she was a girl up until the end when I felt better about the boy name and thought maybe it was a boy.  I never had any basis either way but definitely felt more strongly about her being a girl in the middle of the pregnancy and up until the last few weeks.

She's a really good baby. Yesterday she was sleeping most of the day in between feedings so we were anticipating a crazy night but she woke up, ate and went back to sleep (and pooped too). She was up every 3 hours on the dot. 11:45, 2:45, 5:45. I went to bed around 9:30 so I don't feel super tired. She loves to be held and seems very chill.

Bill took Nick out this morning to the library and to the new Wegmans right by us.   I got so much done. Kara was sleeping and I knew exactly what I wanted to do when they left.   I feel like babies are so easy after having one and knowing what to expect, but I think it will be challenging when Bill isn't here to help out - makes a huge difference!

We had our first minor fiasco when Nick was overtired this morning just after lunch and started crying - he tripped, and tears were running down his face. Then he tried to reach for a cup on the table and hearing NO! set him off and he lost it.  Bill took him upstairs to take a nap and he was a wreck! He made himself throw up. Everywhere. What a mess. I was feeding Kara and holding her with one arm/hand and catching Nick's throw up in the other hand (I don't know why I always immediately try to catch it. Sick).   If Bill wasn't here, what would I do? Probably start crying? haha. We put Nick in the tub to clean him off and clean the bathroom, put Kara down and Bill cleaned up the rug/mess in Nick's room.  What fun!